What we do

We leverage understanding of human behavior to help the world’s best-known brands and organizations advance worthy causes, innovate transformational products, and successfully navigate change


Our public opinion + market research powers decision-making in the following areas
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We use rigorous methodologies and cutting-edge technologies custom designed to meet your business needs


We conduct scientific evaluations and impact assessments of educational curricula, media properties, youth development programs and marketing campaigns

What impact have your products and programs had on their users? What are the outcomes of your initiatives? Have your properties succeeded in accomplishing their intended goals? We work with content developers, program providers, and funders who are interested in demonstrating the end result of their efforts. 

Our evaluations are based on rigorous methodological approaches to ensure valid and reliable research results. We are experienced in working on high-stakes, high-profile studies that stand up to academic, political or business scrutiny. Our research is often published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at academic or industry conferences.

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We conduct the following types of evaluations:


We help producers of educational and entertainment properties realize their creative vision
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