Founder and President

Having grown up under the Communist regime in the Soviet Union, Nellie became aware of the perils of societies that ignore public opinion early on. Her career choices – first as a journalist and then an NGO leader in the nascent independent sector in Russia – were driven by a desire to give voice to the people and to empower them to freely express their will.

So a transition to public opinion and market research came as a natural next step in Nellie’s professional life. Nellie sees the power of research as a vehicle for democratizing decision-making at all levels of corporate and state governance and a means for cross-cultural understanding. After a decade in the market research industry, Nellie launched Fluent in 2006 to fulfill that vision.

As the head of Fluent, Nellie advises clients on the most effective and practical research solutions to their business problems. Nellie is known for the unwavering integrity of her work and a steadfast focus on meeting her clients’ business goals. She has developed a particular expertise in the fields of education, gender issues, and media. 

Nellie has served as Principal Investigator of numerous academically rigorous evaluations of educational programs and media properties. She has also been active in international development and has consulted senior management of global organizations, including the European Union, IMF, and the World Bank.

Nellie holds a Master’s degree in public policy and administration from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. She lives in New York City. When not working, she enjoys catching up on the latest princess movies with her 5-year old daughter and an occasional escape to a spa.

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