Impact of Sesame Street around the World

November 10, 2014

Sesame Workshop adheres to the highest standards of social science research when evaluating the educational effectiveness of its many co-productions airing around the world.  When challenged with conducting such evaluations in particularly challenging regions, they have called on Fluent, for its agility, its enthusiasm for working cross-culturally, and its ability to maintain the strictest methodological standards in even the most difficult circumstances.

Sesame has retained Fluent to conduct impact evaluations – employing exacting random control trials — in Nigeria, Kosovo, the West Bank, and Pakistan.

Fluent evaluated the impact of the local co-productions on core curricular goals, such as literacy and math knowledge and skills, social and emotional skills, and tolerance and respect for diversity among children immersed in an environment of intense ethnic animosity.  Fluent utilized both standardized tests and a set of proprietary measures developed specifically for use with young children.

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