Impact of Sesame Street in the U.S.

November 8, 2014

In today’s economic climate, a significant number of American families are facing economic insecurity and hardship, such as job loss, declining wages, home foreclosures, and increased health care costs. The effect of economic insecurity could be particularly damaging for the wellbeing of children. Sesame Workshop developed a bilingual multimedia outreach program that provides parents with positive strategies for coping with economic adversity and supporting children’s overall wellbeing and emotional development.

Fluent evaluated the effectiveness of the initiative among families who have been significantly affected by the recession, with a particular emphasis on low-income families, Hispanic community, and military families. The study was designed as a randomized control trial and unequivocally demonstrated the positive impact of the initiative on parents’ ability to model and utilize strategies of coping with economic hardship, as well as on children’s attitudes and behaviors.

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