Nickelodeon Kids + Family Immersion Day

December 1, 2014

When Nickelodeon decided to bring its senior management up to date on how kids were thinking and making choices, what mattered to them, and how they interacted with media and technology, they retained Fluent to orchestrate an executive Immersion Day.


Fluent developed an all-day event for Nickelodeon in the spectacular space of the New York Academy of Sciences.  The event included a panel of youth “experts” from diverse walks of life (summer camp director, after-school program leader, school principle, family therapist, author, and director of programs for at-risk youth), a town hall-style meeting with kids, round-table play sessions with executives and children, a family focus group, including parents and their kids, and a fashion show put on by kids.


The immersive event allowed the senior management team to experience first-hand what engaged kids and teens, troubled them, and motivated them.  Nickelodeon used the event as the stimulus for a brainstorming follow-up in which they explored the business and creative implications of what they had learned.

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