Iceland Naturally: Promoting Iceland in the U.S.

November 10, 2014

Iceland Naturally is a cooperative marketing organization that promotes the tourism, services, products and culture of Iceland. It represents the true essence of Iceland, its creativity and spectacular natural wonders.

Fluent has conducted several waves of research over the past decade designed to explore the brand equity of Iceland and Icelandic products and identify messages that would appeal to the U.S. consumer. Through our segmentation analysis, we identified psychographic profiles of consumers most receptive to marketing of Iceland and Icelandic products, and have tracked their interests and preferences over the years. We also determined key brand attributes and messages about Iceland and Icelandic products that are most appealing to its target audiences and are most effective in transforming interest and curiosity about Iceland into sales.

As a result of better understanding of the U.S. consumer base and more targeted brand communications, Iceland Naturally has observed steady increase in travel to Iceland and sales of Icelandic products, and it continues to build on its upward trend.

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