Home Safety During Summer Vacations

June 29, 2018
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As many of us are getting ready to take a long-awaited summer break and head to the beach, a European city, or a camping trip — let’s not forget that we leave our houses unattended for a significant stretch of time.

In our pre-holiday research study on behalf of a home security technology company, Ring, we discovered that one in five Americans had been a victim of package theft in the previous year alone. While package theft spikes during winter holidays — a shocking 35% had had a package stolen during that time — it remains more or less constant throughout the year.

There are simple solutions suggested in the New York Times article (see a link below), which published the results of our research. Modern technology — surveillance cams, video doorbells with apps — not only serve as a deterrent but also capture footage of thieves that can be reported to the police and used to raise awareness of theft crime in your neighborhood.

Before we head out for a summer vacation, let’s ask ourselves if we have taken steps to protects our property in our absence. I, personally, have already splurged on a rather lavish (by my family’s standards) vacation — the last thing I want is to return home and find that an order from Amazon or a gift from a friend is missing.



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